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Infor SCE
Supply Chain Execution

Infor® Supply Chain Execution combines a best-in-class warehouse management system (WMS) with transportation management, labor management, and 3PL billing on a single application whose unified database reduces the complexity of warehousing and logistics management. It’s engineered for speed, agility, and change.

Advanced warehouse management:  ​When speed and accuracy are critical to customer satisfaction, businesses must rely on their warehouses to keep the supply chain moving. Infor CloudSuite™ WMS provides unprecedented visibility into inventory, orders, equipment, and people to empower organizations to enrich service levels and increase product velocity.


CloudSuite WMS lets businesses manage distribution center activities holistically. The solution combines warehouse fulfillment with embedded labor management and 3D visual analysis to reduce complexity and support enhanced operational execution. Designed with configurability and intuitive use, CloudSuite WMS is ready to power next-generation, technology-enhanced, global warehousing operations.


Advanced warehousing processes

Advanced features include: cross-docking, web receiving, attribute capture, and serialization, multi-sequenced putaway, task interleaving, slotting, and wave management. Concurrent requirements and constraints are considered in targeting the utilization of inventory, space, labor, and equipment.

3D Visual Warehouse

Visually monitor and manage outbound order workflow, and view bottlenecks and asset utilization in real-time. Businesses can expedite tasks, shift labor, and generate replenishments, creating a modern environment for driving all warehouse operations.


Labor Management

As value-added services become a more common business requirement, the ability to better allocate labor will be of increasing importance in warehousing. Labor management is uniquely embedded within CloudSuite WMS to facilitate seamless analysis and capture cost-to-serve.

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