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Warehouse audit/ Optimizing consulting

Warehouse audit solutions help to add efficiency to its supply chain. We help to tide inefficiencies, help establish sustainable standards, and prevent issues from developing into full-fledged problems.
Warehouse Consulting: from initial consultation to custom-designed solutions to long-term product and operational support, we offer an unmatched depth of warehouse solutions to meet your specific facility, application, and industry requirements. Operational analysis engineered labor studies, material flow evalu¬ations, warehouse design, and facility planning are just some of the consulting services available from the experienced professionals here at Dat Nguyen.


We offer include but not limited warehouse solutions: 


-  Re-design your current warehouse to increase performance.
-  Optimize all warehouse processes.
-  Warehouse management training courses: build your ware-house team: train the trainers.
-  Build-to-suit warehouse model, including business model.

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